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About Us

ERBORIST, founded by Giuseppe Tamborrino and Vinicia Cota in 1990, a place where tradition and modernity meet in the light of the latest scientific discoveries that recognize Health and Beauty as the expression of a achieved psycho-physical well-being. It is born from the need to respond to the disorders caused by modern life with effective natural remedies, but most of all, with no side-effects and vegetable-based cosmetics of proven functionality.

ERBORIST is a specialist listening point and advice for those who make Naturally a way of life offering innovative products and solutions, and for those who look for the first time in the natural world by recommending natural products and remedies for young people , neomamme and healthy people of all ages. In our stores of Maglie and Lecce you will find medicinal herbs, herbal products, organic foods, natural cosmetics, essential oils, tea and herbal teas, fruit infusions, dietary supplements, Bach flowers, baby products and neomates, care products home and great gift ideas.


Founder, Erborist and Naturopathic Expert
“I'm dealing with the management of retail outlets, orders and the introduction of new products"

Foundress, Obstetrician- Naturopathic
“Advisor on Bach Flowers, natural remedies and what I love most: birth!

 I organize meetings and theme debates for newcomers"
Sales Consultant
“My role is to bring changes and innovations to retail outlets, I trust customer relationships, marketing and e-commerce"

Sales Consultant at the Lecce Point of Sale in P.zza S. Oronzo
“ I take care of the lines of Erbolario curo and realize the showcases of the outlets"


Sales consultant at the Maglie outlet
“La mia specializzazione… il Make Up Naturalmente…"
Sales Consultant at the Lecce Point of Sale in S.Oronzo Square
“ I make wonderful gift boxes!"